My Heart's Desire

A place to share my dreams... the dreams that God has laid on my heart! A place for you to share in those dreams as God leads you! Right before a rain, you can sense it, you can smell it... that's the way it is with God's plan... you just know it is coming... you can sense it... you can smell it... your soul just starts to dance a little... celebrating what God is about to do!

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I want to start a business that will enable me to provide for my family while serving God in a counseling ministry

Friday, March 31, 2006

God still calls...

Ever felt God calling you to do something bigger than yourself?
Well that's where I am... God has planted a dream or two in my heart and
this site is dedicated to fulfilling that call...
Where you do you come in?
There is just no way I can do all of this alone... I don't know of many times when God has called just a single person to carry out a plan... Noah, Moses, King David, even Jesus... they all had people that joined them in completing the dream... the mission...
Has God called you to help me?
That's a tough question I know! So pray about it...
Speaking of PRAYER!
That's a great place to start...
Would you please let me know that you will become a part
of the prayer team for this site!
Without a prayer force... we can just stop before we get started...
Because if you do any praying you know without it we are "sunk before we sail"!
Thanks for stopping by... I hope God blesses you beyond belief today!